Things To See for Visiting Packer Fans

The Green Bay Packers

When speaking of Titletown, very little else, besides that Green and Gold donning football team…you know, that historic franchise that began before the NFL’s inception, anyways, when speaking of Green Bay, Wisconsin, the Packers definitely come to mind. So, if you’re here for a late season game, I’ve huddled a few ideas together, ones that certainly pass the average fan’s inspection, and placed them in this post. Choose what you want, they’re just good suggestions.

First, if you’re in town for a few days, make sure you check out Lambeau Field. There’s plenty to do in this historic venue.

You could shop for souvenirs and gifts.

Better yet, the crew could get a bite to eat.

How about a museum, a tribute to past players, that celebrates over one hundred years of Packer football.

Or better yet, the family could see the field like only few others…you can do that with a stadium tour.

Yet, besides the stadium, and across from its parking lot, you’ll find the Titletown District.



football field frolicking,

and other activities await the hardy fan.

If you care to delve further, and gallivant this city’s downtown, you’ll find other great Packer related businesses.

Titletown Brewing Co, with its view of the city’s center, serves beer with names that are sure to incite a little Packer fervor.

Johnny Blood, Green 19 and Dark Helmet come to mind.

Beyond that, and a little further into town, you’ll find a trendy spot. In this classy eatery, early Packer greats adorn the walls. And I bet you….wait, just in case, I won’t bet, but I’m pretty sure, when glancing the the early legends honored on the establishment’s walls, you haven’t heard of any of these dudes! The name of the restaurant, labeled for a park that hosted football, and it actually predates the packers by over twenty years, was Hagemeister Park. No, it’s not set in the actual spot of the Packer’s first venue, but it’s pretty cool!

Oh, there’s also the Packer’s Heritage Trail.

Okay, you might find other interesting spots in Green Bay. If you do, more power to you. I just figured I’d lend a little insight. So, if you’re visiting, enjoy your stay, and don’t let the cold bother you too much!

Safe Travels!

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