My Favorite Travels of 2022

Okay, man, is 2022 over already? I recall, and it’s a pretty distinct memory, as I was saying, one of my history teachers once told me that time moves quicker as we age. And, as I think more about it, that fact was hinted to me many times. Those hints came via cliche lines, ones relatives would say with broad smiles on their faces… “Wow, did you grow up fast.” “Jeesh, Chris, you’re twelve already?…I remember you before you could talk.” Some of those people, and by the way, I was really fond of comments like that, but as I was saying, many of those people are gone forever…my how time flies.

Basically, I just wasted a paragraph, and I also spent some of your time. Eh, I’m leaving it in. With that intro, and that overused line, “Boy, did such and such a year go fast,” I’ll get to the point…These are my highlights of 2022.

Governor Dodge State Park

I’ll start with Governor Dodge State Park, which is located in the southwestern part of the state. There, amid the drift less region, lies a landscape of rolling meadows and tree topped hills. The hiking, despite the gloomy, rainy weather, was sensational. Bluffs, canyons, lakes…heck, we even found a waterfall in the park, anyways, during our hikes, which were accompanied by bees buzzing around wildflowers and birds chirping atop trees, Heidi and I were enraptured by a thrilling sense of adventure. And yeah, despite being adventuresome, our souls were renewed with peace and serenity.

Downtown in the Dells

My next favorite memory, and it varies from Governor Dodge State Park greatly, would be the downtown setting of Wisconsin Dells. This place challenges any creative businessman’s imagination, being that this strip contains everything. I’m not kidding! Anything one would want, plus things they didn’t even know they liked, is set in this collection of shops.


In this post, as I’m halfway through, I’ll mention one city. We actually visited this lakeside town, one with a legacy of shipbuilding, more than once this summer. With an excellent maritime museum, a ferry to cross Lake Michigan plus great food and drink, it makes an entertaining visit for out-of-towners . This city, half way up Wisconsin’s eastern lakeshore, is known as Manitowoc. The area is surrounded by picturesque farmland and, also close by, a state forest highlighted with a beach. The dune laden, sandy strip stretches for miles. I actually love this city! It happens to be, as I imagine what it was before, a vibrant vestige of Victorian Era commerce.

The Balanced Rock Trail

Finally, I should also mention, and I’ll narrow the experience to one four hour hike, the state park known as Devil’s Lake. More to the point, our adrenaline pumping climb up the balanced rock trail, which was an ascent across a bluff’s face. Here, climbing a steep, crumbling stone packed grade, you’ll witness rare Baraboo quartzite first hand. The rocks are a flamboyant purplish and pinkish hue.

Those are my travels of 2022!! Usually, I’d include five entries. Yet, I’ll stop with the fourth. The reason, well, my travels weren’t as extensive, at least they’re not as plentiful compared to years past. So, I’ll bid you a Happy New Year, and wish you a prosperous, healthy and safe 2023…

Safe Travels!

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