My New Year’s Promise

Well, today I’m thinking of a New Year’s resolution. I know what you’re thinking , “It’s early January, so you’d better think of one fast.” And in the forelobe of my brain, one has arisen. It’s a noble cause, I’m sure someone could poke holes in it though; That’s simply the nature of things.

I just want to be a better community member. What I mean, basically, is thinking before I speak, and acting conscientiously. That includes not bandwagon jumping the latest cause…because I need to carefully weigh both sides of the story.

I’ve learned, and sometimes I’m stubborn, that some people will play the victim for benefits. So, even if I want to be a valiant member of society, I must also be aware of scammers.

I know that many that falsely play the victim, as depraved as that is, do face dire situations. However, creating false drama only digs that human a deeper hole. I guess, through all of my decisions, pragmatism is the answer. If you know me well, pragmatism hasn’t always been my strong suit. But, given my current situation, it’s a necessity. Heck, as I give this deeper thought, with this goal, I might discover new things about myself.

There’s millions of decisions we make in a year. I guess this resolution, as altruistic as it is, will benefit me as well. I will learn to make more decisions, probably not all, with a better approach. It’s about greater rationale…and I mean to stick to it.

So, that’s my new resolution. I guess I’m done contemplating this subject, as exciting as a new annual challenge is.. What’s your personal challenge? I would love it if you decide to share. Have a healthy, prosperous and happy 2023.

Safe Travels!

2 responses to “My New Year’s Promise”

  1. I have a couple: be more organized and more active. I messed up my ankle last year and I feel like I got really lazy in the last 6 months.

    Happy New Year


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