My Family

This week’s post, and I’m not certain of its length, that is to say I’m just going to ramble, anyways, as I was saying, this post will be dedicated to family.

Sometimes, often many times, through happenings of fate, I feel cut off from the ones that I love. But when I see them, as I had yesterday, my soul feels whole.

What I mean, as I endlessly toil at my job and undergo fruitless ambitions, my being wears thin. My direction, while seemingly constant, seems to have no meaning…

Then…I sit in my childhood home, with familiarity surrounding me; true direction, true meaning and realization of purpose subtly enters my being. It’s a relaxing sensation, it’s also confidence building and it’s rejuvenating: I am truly alive…if only for a few hours.

And in that surrounding, I see my parent’s successes. One grandson is exceeding in college, as he pursues a business degree. Another of my nephews battles a crippling disease, and while his circumstances constantly change, he exudes promise.

There’s more, and while one nephew will skip college, he’s sixteen and already searching for his own house. No, he’s not getting kicked out, he’s just that self sufficient. With full confidence , because I’ve seen this kid struggle, I know he will meet his goal. I want to say that he will easily realize the end result. However, even if it will appear that way to me, he will think and feel otherwise.

I haven’t even begun with my nieces. The eldest is quite an impressive young lady. She’s playing the lead in her high school musical. More importantly, although she hasn’t been accepted yet, she has an excellent chance to attend the UW’s engineering program.

The rest of the kids are busy being children: constantly learning and progressively changing. One niece is an excellent hockey and soccer player. And her younger sister is obsessed with following in her siblings’ footsteps…with a giant smile on her face.

The youngest, well he’s a character, and he’s blessed to have exceptional role models to guide him. He is either focused on his playing, incredibly exuberant or letting ones know he isn’t happy.

I think that’s the meaning of life, truly. Leading an acceptable life is only half the battle. Passing it on to the next generation, securing a prolific future, is of great importance. I’m reaching the point, and I know my parents definitely are, when we think of the legacy we will leave behind. And as this world coalesces and changes via social media, the challenge has never been greater…new pitfalls lurk everywhere.

I continue to push forward, with difficulty inevitable, dying to make progress in every niche of my life. And it’s becoming a struggle, because, at my age, the gradual decline has begun…and it stops for nobody.

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