Why Wisconsin?

When one thinks of premiere vacation spots, many dream of a tropical paradise.

Well, not everybody wants sun and surf, others might select a remote spot, one full of rugged natural wonders.

Yet, while epic scenery might mend frayed nerves, others might select a vibrant, bustling city center.

Still, as some crave intellectual stimulus, others would prefer a historically significant area, where an education and appreciation of the people that came before us is conveyed.

While my state, the state of Wisconsin, aka America’s Dairyland…or, maybe the Badger State…or better yet, America’s Bread Basket, yes, we were once known for wheat production…but that was a long time ago, and I’m getting way off track. Anyways, as I was saying, while Wisconsin might not boast the beaches of Florida and California, nor do we have anything close to New York City, and we simply can’t compete with Yellow Stone National Park, and yeah, rivaling New England for historical prestige…well, it’s not going to happen, yet, with all that said, this place still makes for an excellent vacation spot.

I mean, we have beaches. And while Florida and California’s are set in overpopulated metropolitan grids, some of ours are set in state parks, residing near placid lakeside towns. There’s also dunes to explore on some of Lake Michigan’s shoreline spots.

And our natural attractions, while maybe not as profound as western national parks, are easily accessible everywhere in this state. Inside over fifty state parks, you’ll find things like towering limestone bluffs, ancient sandstone gorges, weathered quartzite hills, I had already mentioned the Lake Michigan shoreline, but you can also throw in the Northwoods and its vast forests.

What about cities?

While we can’t match the glam of New York, we have a State Capital that, because it’s also one of the best college towns in the nation, exudes an infectiously fun vibe. Not to mention, Milwaukee, known as the ‘Cream City’, has countless museums, some excellent sports venues and a great, historic downtown setting.

And history….New England has Cape Cod, we have Door County, and a few historic shipbuilding towns. We also have some of the oldest breweries in the nation. Add countless places on the National Historic Register, from the Capitol to train depots, and mansions to factories, and you’ll definitely learn a bit about long gone Midwestern eras.

Well, I guess my argument is complete. Well…not really: there’s tons I haven’t mentioned. But as for drawing a bit of interest, I think it does the job. So, this was a short bit, just a piece of persuasive writing, one that I firmly believe in. This mid-sized state offers quite a bit, and we’re a friendly bunch. All that said, if you’re thinking of visiting a place, one with four distinct seasons, consider adding this to your list.

Safe Travels!

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