Dreaming of summer

The coldest days of winter are right now, and I’m dreaming of warmer temps. I’m also envisioning outdoor adventures. A little stimulus, which could cause an invigorated human state of mind, can come easily in nature. So, I’ve put together a list, as, for now, I’ve been left to daydream. I’m turning fifty this year…so, I’ll make this summer count.

First off, I’d like to revisit Devil’s Lake State Park, which resides among the quartzite laden Baraboo Hills. At the park’s center, a totally landlocked body of water, which is clear as glass, offers many leisure pursuits. According to Indigenous Peoples’ legends, the lake is sacred.

Yet forget all of that. In this park, there’s a sixty foot rock face, near the top of a purplish-pink bluff, I desperately want to climb. I’ve never been rock climbing before, so it’s now or never.

Let’s see, what else should I try? I know!! I’d love to go mountain biking in the Houghton area…Houghton is a lakeside town in the northernmost portion of Michigan. The elevation makes for excellent hill climbs and descents. And, seeing how I’ve experienced like terrain before, that being in another Northern Michigan town, I know the scenery, difficulty and challenges will suit my tastes.

What’s next on the list? Well, kayaking mirror lake, which is a rather narrow and winding body of water, would be another ambition of mine. There, the sandstone cliffs border the waters, creating a canyon that could lure any paddler…just like me!!

Sticking with paddling, and rock faced shorelines, I’ll mention another goal of mine. Along Lake Michigan, halfway up the Door Peninsula, you’ll find an ancient dolomitic limestone cliff. Testifying to the cliff’s age, caves pock the stone wall. So, being that seafaring kayak tours are offered, I’d love to pass by the water carved holes.

Finally, and this is goal Numero Uno, I would love to climb the Half Dome at Yosemite National Park. All told, I think it’s a thirteen mile hike… so, if I don’t do it this year, it’s simply not going to happen!

There, this list makes me look forward to summer. Hopefully, I’ll have the means to accomplish these tasks. With this year in mind, what are your own goals? I’d love to hear them…

Safe Travels!

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