Writing Exercise: A Short Essay on Government

It seems, now more than ever, political gridlock is inevitable, and middle ground is altogether unattainable. So, being that the political climate affects us all, from taxpayers to gun control advocates, and everyone in between, I figured, what the heck, I’ll let you know what I think. This is just my suggestion; let’s revert to a full blown monarchy, but, so we can effectively feign interest in democracy, let’s elect a leader every, I don’t know, how about every two years.

Think about it, what use is congress when no middle ground is found, and this climate dictates that only the majority party’s desires are realized? If you’re in the minority, and in congress, you’re simply filling a chair. So, let’s really trim the fat and eliminate hundreds of high-paying government jobs.

Not only will this decrease the national debt, but there will only be a dominate party, and there will be no minority to get in the way. Think of the efficiency one supreme leader will render. No filibusters. No comittees. No one babbling on the House or Senate floors for hours on end. Just a pen and the means to enforce new laws.

Don’t fret, with new laws, and the means to enforce them, there comes a price. Every two years, the nation can undo whatever harm the sitting monarch has caused, assuming he doesn’t change the length of his term.

And while this may seem like a really bad idea, I see very few alternatives. With the constant barrages, ones tainted with biased agendas, sent forth by political talk shows, our democracy has been crippled. And no one is suggesting viable solutions. I would love to hear better choices than the one I have offered.


Take Care and Safe Travels

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