Above and Beyond

No matter who you are, vehicles that soar above your head affect you. From your GPS to your UPS package, you’ve benefitted from craft that take to the skies, even if you’ve never set foot aboard an airplane. So, now that the Neville Public Museum has an exhibit focused on everything airborne, I plan on generating a bit of interest. Needless to say, I sought to investigate the museum’s newest showcase, which is known as Above and Beyond.

And as I investigated, my own interest was captivated. I mean, the first thing that caught my eye was orbital debris from outer space.

Another interesting bit, thinking of outer space, were space aged hand tools.

With tools come high tech materials.

Of course, interactive displays, like this…

and this,

make an exhibit fun.

This exhibit is not large, but it has an ultra-modern, space age feel to it. And while the info is sporadic, if you visit, and study these highlights, and the few others I haven’t mentioned, you’ll come away with interesting bits of information. Plus, the exhibit is presented in both English and Spanish.

Above and Beyond runs from now until May 7th.

Safe Travels.

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