The Art Garage’s February Exhibits

Right now, if you chance Green Bay’s downtown, or, at least, if you travel in the vicinity of that commercial realm, you’ll find two excellent exhibitions set inside the Art Garage. So, while lead in paragraphs tend to be nothing but fluff, I’ll get to the meat of this post; tonight, I’m featuring the exhibitions Home and Back to Basics.


Let’s start off with Home. This particular display, featuring about thirty separate pieces, allows artists to provide their visions of home…or maybe, simply put, what comes to mind when that basic essential is mentioned.

It may be comfortable and gritty…

or it may be appealing and charming.

Hell, anything in between would be acceptable. This front gallery plays host to artists across Wisconsin. While some maybe simplistic expressions, others are fueled by social injustices.

Back to Basics

Accompanying the front gallery, and its basic need influenced outputs , should you walk from those towards the side gallery, you’ll find a New Year’s reset theme: Back to Basics. This eclectic collection of artistry is awesome! And since it’s inviting sheer fundamentals, artists are free to pick any topic they choose.

As you can imagine, imaginative works were all over the walls.

And it didn’t matter which wall I chose.

While the mission of the gallery is to sell local artists’ works, there is no fee to peruse its contents. And that’s just what I did, as, inwardly, I begged God for four hundred dollars of loose change.(The cost of the perfect living room piece).

Anyways, check the gallery out. Home lasts until Feb. 25th. The other exhibition, Back to Basics, expires on March 25th.

Take Care and Safe Travels!

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