Murder in an Irish Bakery

As you can probably tell, I read many different genres of fiction. This novel, one of those cliche mystery tales, is written by Carlene O’ Connor. And given the nature of the book, I knew what to expect, being that I hoped for a light, fun read. I’m glad to say I wasn’t disappointed.

Considering the story takes place in a bakery, I’d say the plot is delectable….cheesy? Yeah, you’re right, but anyways, there’s a televised bake-off taking place in a charming Irish town. Funny metaphors abound, and one of the contestants die right in front of the camera. Was it an accident? Was it murder? Charged with security for the event, our hero Siobhan O’Sullivan must find out.

As I mentioned, this book is everything I had anticipated. Juicy secrets. Plenty of plot twists. Shocking revelations. It was just plain fun to read. And at the end, when you discover the killer, and witness the confession to the murder, you’re wondering, “How did I not figure that out?”

I should mention, Siobhan, the main character, who was only recently wed, comes across as slightly heavyset. She teams up with her husband, who carries on as a newly wed husband does. It makes for fun exchanges, especially while interviewing the bake-off contestants, who are all part of a reality show. Of course, almost anyone affiliated with the show is a suspect.

Anyways, if you crave a little light reading, check it out. If you’re like me, and desire an easy read once in a while, this will satiate that lust.

Take care and Safe Travels!

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