Murder in an Irish Pub

Here’s my review of another Carlene O’Connor novel. While reading her first book, I loved her delivery and rather light style. That is to say, while her stories are murder mysteries, they differ greatly from shows such as Law and Order. These are not high drama plots. That being said, this time, as this was my second read in her series, I was investigating whether my first experience was a flash in the pan, or if her imagination and delivery prowess were genuine.

Murder in an Irish Pub is one of her earlier attempts. I chose this novel because, heck, if I were ever to make it to Ireland, a pub that hosts a trad band would be a must see. And a rowdy evening, one where drunken debauchery abounds, is sure to make solving a mystery difficult…especially when it appears that a suicide, not a homicide, has occurred in a locked room. I’ll get to that in a minute.

When reading a second novel, that is from the same author, I try to pay attention to formula. So, as it is with many book series, there were plenty of similarities, yet, enough differences to make the read familiar and fun. The town, a place stemming from medieval days, seems to be a quiet, laid back, Irish community. You know, the type where everyone knows each other.

Along with the town, the main character Siobhan O’Sullivan, who is an intuitive rookie guarda, has plenty of appeal. While balancing police work, playing mom for her younger siblings and romancing a forbidden love, this woman really grows on you.

She’s teamed up with a male detective, one who happens to be, you guessed it, her secret lover. Yes, he’s her superior, so the man should be off limits.

Anyways, back to the plot. What I love about her books, at least both of the novels that I’ve read, she wastes no time in getting to the meat of the read. And, in this one, Ireland’s top poker players are assembled for a small tourney….

And Guess what…

After playing poker with the locals, and robbing them blind with sketchy bets, the number one player in all of Ireland winds up dead. Found the next morning hanging from the storage room’s rafters.

Like the last book I had read, there are plenty of plot twists, shocking revelations and mysterious happenings during the investigation. Unlike many novel series, the author doesn’t plot out her suspects using a formula, at least none that I picked up on. It differed from the other in almost every way. And when the killer confessed…well, yeah Siobhan had to spell it out for me.

I loved this book. Reading it was a breeze, and, at times, I couldn’t put it down.

Take care and Safe Travels!

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