Just a Little Foresight

I know it seems eons away, but spring will arrive shortly. So, maybe, once the snow dissipates, foliage greens and flowers bloom, I’ll get immersed in nature. The soothing effect physical activity has on me, especially when it’s combined with Wisconsin’s natural elements, is immense. So, I’m wistfully thinking of last summer, and, because of that, looking forward to this upcoming one.

But, I’m hoping to do more than that.

Lately, I haven’t written many blogs about Wisconsin. Come summer, fingers crossed, that will change. From the faddish to the quirky, across this state, I’ve proven, at least to myself, that Wisconsin is more than cow pastures, the Packers and breweries. Don’t get me wrong, those are prominent features in this land, but there’s more to take pride in.

From seventeenth century explorers, and good relations between Europeans and Indigenous nations, the history of Wisconsin, while maybe not storied like New England, is interesting and relevant.

Heck, I always find ‘how we got to now’ enlightening. I definitely think, as I roam to find the ghosts of Wisconsin’s pioneers, an appreciation for those who shaped our state will be instilled.

Hey! What am I talking about? I already have reverence for those that came before me. I just hope to gain greater understanding of events that brought about our current state.

Take Care and Safe Travels!

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