How I Whipped Myself into Shape

Lately, as I’ve been a bit strapped for cash, I’ve started racking my brain for other writing topics. So, I took a quick assessment of what I know, and, while considering my life, I pondered what experiences might help others. As I did, While I don’t have a degree related to emotional and physical health, I realized that I know how I’ve successfully managed my own, especially during the last twelve years. So, I’m going to write a journal on my health struggles.

I’ll set these aside for Wednesdays. I won’t brag; I’m simply going to write life stories. While doing that, being a man diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and someone who cared about his health, yet was seemingly bound to unhealthy habits, which included twenty years of smoking, I’m going to explain how I bared down and worked through problems.

With that, there’s good news and bad news. First, I’ll give you the bad news: it all won’t change at once. No matter who you are, or what you struggle with, it’s, how do I say it with out being cliche?…eh, forget it, I’ll utter the cliche line. “It’s a journey!”

So what’s the good news? Well, it’s the same as the bad news: it won’t all change at once. Why is that good news? I see it like this, every step in the right direction is a triumph. And really, when you succeed, the woman of your dreams won’t break down your door, nor will you get a Cush job with a corner office, but you’ll appreciate yourself more.

That’s actually the key to happiness. Why do we all want the most beautiful, intelligent and eligible woman? Because we believe it will give us a feeling of self worth. That’s a bunch of garbage. True self worth is found inside, when we exercise our own set of values, and attain the things we want for ourselves using moral means. If you lie, steal and cheat for the woman you desire, will you attain a feeling of self worth?

No. Doubt and insecurity will eat you alive.

Do things right. Achieve things that are attainable. Realize that it’s hard not to desire things far from our reach. But work for those that are in front of you. If your resources are scant, get creative. Don’t believe you’re trapped, search avenues. Somewhere, somehow, and you may not believe it, there are easier, less costly and more efficient ways to get what you want.

There’s a ton more I’d like to share. So, beginning next Wednesday, I’ll start off with my struggles with nicotine addiction. When I overcame that daunting obstacle, the ball began to roll. It was a hurtle I was beginning to doubt would ever be leaped. When that monster was subdued, my life began to change…in all phases of my life. So, even if my journey began shortly before then, I’ll start with that.

Until then, I’ll create posts in a few other categories. Namely, tomorrow, I’ll give you my thoughts on Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities. I’ll admit, after watching a few lectures on writing, I realize there’s tons I’ve yet to understand about literature, but I’m improving my active reading skills…now that I’m aware of what I need to look for.

And yes, that has to do everything with mental health. Understanding literature is understanding the world around you.

Take Care and Safe Travels!

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