Thinking About ‘To the Tome of Murder’

My latest read, To the Tome of Murder, was another mystery tale. The author, Lauren Elliot, did a fairly good job. And, although, at least midway through the book, I pretty much knew what was coming next, the life in Greyborne Harbor, Massachusetts kept me interested.

Settling into her prose took a bit of time for me. I felt some of the sentences were lengthy, and I wondered if her characters needed to breathe at all. Some of the dialogue read like run on sentences…at least in my opinion. However, once I settled in, it seemed each character had their own voice, and I could picture the settings along with the people amongst them.

The other Criticism I would pass on, because it left me scratching my head, I believe I was half way through the book before there was a list of suspects. And after one monster clue, I knew who the murderer was before they confessed. Oh, and the murder weapon, I’m not really sure it’s plausible.

As for life in Greyborne Harbor, that was the author’s strength. The town seems like a quiet town, one that thrives on summer and fall tourism. As a result, Interesting events and small businesses mingle together to form a comfortable community vibe. And most of the interesting interactions, at least concerning the murder, happen either in these small businesses or during social functions. So, that does make it fun.

Plus, there’s the juicy gossip, such as: Did you hear such and such might be pregnant? Is he going to propose? Was there really an all out brawl at the police station? I think you get the point.

Besides the gossip, there’s Massachusetts history to draw upon, with an antique book shop, which is owned by Addison Greyborne, the main character and an independent aide to the local police force, and…along with Addie’s shop, you’ll come across other antique sellers.

Other than that, it’s a town where, despite a murder taking place, many of life’s happy endings happen everyday. I feel the author pays less attention to creating an interesting murder plot, and she focuses more on bringing the town to life.

I don’t know if I’ll read another. But, as far as murder mysteries are concerned, this was middle of the road.

Take Care and Safe Travels!

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