How I Feel About Exercise Programs

Hi. I’m not physical trainer, nor am I a dietician. I’m just a guy who fits in two 10k runs a week, and strength trains the same amount. I figured, since I’ve been maintaining my fitness for years, and that came after smoking for twenty years, that I’d lend my insight.

You may be wondering if exercise programs work; I’d tell you yes…to a point. This is the problem; after going all out for three months, assuming you stick with it, you’re health and appearance will definitely change, but it’ll be an incredible departure from you’re norm. Eventually, because we’re not wired to drastically change in a short time frame, you’ll fall into your old habits.

My suggestion? Do it gradually, and savor every milestone. That’s what I did. There is a downside, and I guess you know what it is; people won’t notice the changes. Well, not right away.

But if you choose an achievable goal, and forget about the totally insane workout, you’ll still feel like you accomplished something. You may not have competed in a marathon, but, guess what, you exercised. And don’t attempt anything that you hate to do. In this day and age, there are so many options. You’re bound to find something you’ll enjoy doing.

From there, set a schedule and create a habit. Love what you do, and do what you love!

My chosen cardio workout, at least during the warmer months, is mountain biking. And, yes, I love it. I occasionally trail run also. I find combining nature with exercise produces a sense of adventure. When you mix endorphins, captivating scenery and fresh air, it produces a thrilling high.

If you’re not into adventure, don’t worry, there are other alternatives. For instance, a simple stroll through a historic downtown will get the blood flowing. Or, maybe, if you’d prefer a quieter setting, a stroll down a country road could send you into motion. Who knows, if you’re young enough, and you’re a bit driven, those walks may turn into runs.

Of course, a healthy diet should accompany exercise,…but one step at a time. If I had to simply state it, I’d say start out by doing something…anything. You don’t have to enter your name in the Guinness Book of World Records, but maybe you’ll register a personal first, or personal best…that’s a monumental achievement.

I guess, as I’ve probably wasted some digital space, what I’m saying is this; find a way to be active, and be reasonable with your goals. If you’re like me, over time, you’re goals will become loftier, yet they may be very attainable. When you’ve reached a personal best, don’t compare yourself to the person that’s been doing that same activity for ten years. Focus on who you are and make you better. God will take care of the rest. Trust me, you’ll be happy with you.

Take Care and Safe Travels!

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