Doing What You Love

So, lately, I’ve been attempting to write fitness posts. In my previous writings, I had stated that the only expertise I possess, though I’d be far from discrediting it, is my own personal experience. But don’t let that fool you, through my life, I’ve learned much about personal well being. And, being a man nearing fifty, one who maintains a forty-three bpm pulse, I believe I can make some decent suggestions. So, as I’ve gained a little momentum, I’m going to further explain my fitness quest. This is a continuation of my thoughts from last week.

During last week’s post, as I encouraged my reader’s to be active, I had suggested that one should do what they love. With that being said, sticking with personal experience, I’ll share a love of mine. I’ll also include why I love it and why I became interested in it.

First off, I’ll tell you why I became interested in mountain biking, which is the love I’m writing about. To be honest, and really, before one memorable instance, I can’t say if I knew what mountain biking was.

Yet, I think the urge had always been there. I remember, although it was only a one time experience, a certain mountain bike excursion in Alaska. I had just turned twenty, and while descending from a steep precipice, without the aid of brakes, I felt like I conquered the wilderness surrounding me.

However, even if the experience lasts in my mind, I didn’t make mountain biking a hobby. I smoked, and biking requires some cardio fitness. So, as much as I felt like a badass, my physical ailments, being that I suffer ahsmatic reactions to allergens, rendered my exploit a one time endeavor.

Then I quit smoking. After I kicked the habit, and some of the tar had left my lungs, I had decided I would give the sport a try. I started out slowly, with an inferior bike. And then, after some serious doubts and growing pains, I became better and sought out more difficult trails.

Don’t get me wrong, if I were to attempt a black diamond trail, I’d be a bloody mess. Actually, in the past four years or so, I’ve tried a few insanely difficult trails. Yes, my shins were bleeding profusely.

But there are tons of other trails out there. If you search around, you’ll find courses that can accommodate the out of shape novice, or you might come across obstacle laden circuits.

Arduous hill climbs, pulse pounding descents, tricky terrain: I have to say, this isn’t monotonous exercise. And while those attributes make for fulfilling challenges, it’s only a fraction of what makes the sport fun.

I think my favorite part, at least while riding Wisconsin trails, is that many of these courses are set among wilderness. As you trek the forests, right along these dirt paths, you’ll find tons of wildlife. Often times, when biking my usual haunt, I’ll stumble upon whitetail deer…well, not literally. Nonetheless. In some instances, actually many times, because I’m so focused on the trail, those harmless creatures will startle me. It’s a welcome moment of surprise.

Finally, like any cardio training, there’s the inherent ‘runner’s high’. If you couple that with a sense of serious accomplishment, it’s an incredible boost to your mental health. I hadn’t even mentioned the serene forest’s soothing effects. Yeah, it’s not only good for your physical health, it’s great for the soul.

That’s why I ride a mountain bike.

I’ll close this up with a motivating, ‘Rah-Rah’, paragraph. This post wasn’t necessarily meant to draw you towards mountain biking. It was meant to make you think, particularly about your own aspirations. What physical activity have you always dreamed of doing? Better yet, what athletes do you admire most? I can honestly say, if you don’t let fear and doubt hold you back, you can be what you dream of being. Just don’t expect that dream to happen overnight.

Take Care and Safe Travels!

5 responses to “Doing What You Love”

  1. Ah, good for you! I’ve been a fitness buff most of my life. I prayed my husband would join me. Finally, I took him on a hike in the mountains and it hooked him! We do have to travel to hike in our favorite environment, God’s glorious creation, but at home or when we travel to see friends, we walk on the beach or a park. He just turned 70 and I’m not far behind! We’re so blessed, no meds, just healthy foods and lots of water.

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    • Debbie, I can honestly say, and I’m totally impressed by yours and your husband’s health, that I aspire, when reaching your age, to be that healthy. And yeah, hiking, if not mountain biking or trail running, is an awesome alternative…it’s also, depending on the trail, something most people can try. Thanks for the comment!!


  2. It is great when there is something you love to do so much, that the focus isn’t on “I’m getting exercise”, but rather on the sport. Mountain biking isn’t for me, but I do love riding my ebike – on a paved path. And when I am playing pickle ball, I am just thinking about the next shot. Good for you for quitting smoking! That had to be very difficult!

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    • Thanks Betty. Yes, nicotine is highly addictive, and it is a tough beast to conquer. Also, my nephew loves pickle ball…at least he did. Finally, I have seen, and have been passed by, e-bikes on the trails. For now, I’ll stick with pedal power. But in a short while, I’ll probably break down and buy one.

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      • I am older than you. Almost 65. I just got an ebike a year and a half ago. I would stay with pedal power for as long as you can. It is better exercise. But I do love my ebike and still get some exercise. And I ride longer, too.

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