How Would I Improve Green Bay?

How would you improve your community?

How would I improve my community? If I were to think about it longer, I’d probably come up with a better idea. However, I think Green Bay, the city I’ve lived in for the past twenty years, is an excellent place. And while any place can improve, and there are certainly both literal and metaphorical eyesores, this town has a lot going for it. So, how would I improve it?

I guess, being an outdoor enthusiast, I’d improve this city’s outdoor recreation opportunities. For one, while the mountain bike trails in Baird’s Creek are certainly challenging, they should be adequately marked, and a continual loop would be awesome.

Also, the Ski trails at the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, which serpentine through forest and prairie grass, could be groomed better. Although the area is perfect for cross country skiing, improved trail maintenance would benefit skiers in the city. Right now, the best options are a few miles north of town.

Lastly, a kayak rental and launch spot, located on the broad and docile Fox River, would provide another fun outdoor experience. I also believe it might garner a few tourist dollars.

I realize, as both the bike and ski trails are free, that, if these places were improved upon, these spots might require fees. But, really, a small trail pass fee versus transportation costs might add up to a wash.

In closing, and, I know these are selfish aspirations, I’d like to say that these goals are achievable. I didn’t go on a social rant, because, as it sits right now, I don’t believe this community is in dire moral straits. Sure, there’s always room for improvement, but I’ll let the more qualified leaders take center stage.

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