Moby Dick Part One

I’ve always heard so much said about Moby Dick. Yet, for some reason, and I don’t know why, I never imagined myself enjoying this literary achievement. Now, as I’m drawing towards the middle of the book, I wish I would have read this sooner.

Moby Dick is a lengthy read. Because of that, It’ll take longer than one week, at least for me, to finish this literary work. So, with that in mind, I’ll share my thoughts on the first half of the book.

From the sermon about Jonah and the whale, to a tale of justified mutiny, Melville weaves compelling maritime lore in this book. Hell, the plot, itself, is one huge piece of nautical legend. So, I have to say, and, when I was younger, I never thought I would say this, but this book is fun.

I love how the author introduces his protagonist. You get the sense, as Captain Ahab is discussed at length, with most of the discussions occurring between veteran seamen, that he is a venerable man. Yet, he isn’t unveiled for a long while. When you do meet him, you understand he is a troubled individual, one with a vengeful purpose. Yet, although driven insane by a legendary sperm whale, the man is logical enough to serve as a competent whaling vessel commander.

Similarly, although Moby Dick hasn’t been sighted yet, there is a great deal written about the whale. That’s what makes this read fun; a seed of legend is sewn, then the legend takes the stage. When the spotlight is cast, at least in the case of Captain Ahab, you delight in meeting the character. I have no doubt, when the Pequod’s crew happens upon the whale, it will sate a hunger.

Right now, Melville is a chef, cooking a dish before the diner’s eyes. No ingredient is hidden, instead they’re advertised at length, inviting one to sink their teeth into the climactic hunt.

Hopefully, as I read about ghastly jets interrupting a peaceful moonlit night, I surge towards the white whale’s sighting. Until then, I hope your own read is as entertaining.

Take Care and Safe Travels!

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