A Job Without Pay

What job would you do for free?

I don’t earn a lot of cash. So, if one asked me to volunteer my time, that is when others are profiting from my labor, I’d probably tell that person to shove it. That being said, there is one job that I absolutely love.

That task, being a job from my teenage years, would be delivering pizza. The tips are great, you get to drive around and customers, for the most part, if their pizza is on time, are really friendly.

When I think about tips, I remember it wasn’t always cash that I had received. I have been given pamphlets for events. I once received a pair of gloves. Heck, someone had offered me an alcoholic drink. Of course, being that I was driving, and that I had just turned eighteen, I turned the drink down.

And driving, discovering new places, is fantastic. Of course, back then, opposed to now, now yielding a more cautious me, I’d test the top speed of the delivery car. Alas, it was a Geo Metro, so it didn’t go very fast.

And one never knows what they’ll come across while driving. One time, I almost struck a Holstein calf; it was literally in the road. When I went to the farmer’s door, letting him know that he had roaming livestock, he was awestruck. It seems that, earlier that day, that calf was very ill; the man had figured it as good as dead. But there it was, healthy and safe.

And as far as friendly goes, in the area that I was delivering pizza, being in northern Door County, most people were on vacation. So, if their supper was a little late, they really didn’t care.

So, that would be my ideal job. And had I accumulated a state of financial independence, yes, I might deliver pizzas for free. Anyways, for now, I’ll reminisce about roaming Door County, with a map spread on the passenger seat, racing towards my next customer.

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