The Pets I love, the Pets I Loathe and the Pets I Fear

What animals make the best/worst pets?

Pets make great companions, especially for a lonely soul. Yet, there are animals I prefer over others.

Take, for instance, my turtle. The guy is quite docile, and he is very easy to care for. He doesn’t scratch up furniture, nor does he dig holes in the backyard. Plus, he’ll live for twenty-five to thirty years. So he’s a constant presence.

I had alluded, and I meant it most comically, that some pets dig holes in the backyard. Yes, I was referring to dogs, but I’m actually fond of canines. I just suffer from horrible allergies. So, as much as I love those furry friends, I’ll never have one for a pet.

Animals that make horrible pets? Try a sheep. For some reason, when we were younger, my grandmother bought a lamb for my sister. We tied it to a tree in the backyard. The bleats drove my mother crazy, and the thing was stubborn. Why do we say ‘stubborn as a mule?’ It should be as stubborn as a wooly bully. Alas, after the ewe matured, and when mutton was served, no one had the heart to tell Laurie what we were eating.

I also think, and I really do fear these creatures, a snake would make a horrible pet. What if the thing escapes his tank? If the slithery critter is a boa constrictor, you might wake up with it squeezing your arm or leg off. I know, that’s probably a little irrational…but I’m rather paranoid of those legless beasts.

Anyways, those are my thoughts. I’m sure many people wholeheartedly disagree with me. I guess that’s what makes the world interesting…different flavors and different choices. Eh, to each his own, right?

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