My Dear Watson

If you could be a character from a book or film, who would you be? Why?

One great characteristic of a book, if written well, is that you often empathize with the protagonist. Other times, along with the one narrating the story, well, you may be awed, and maybe a bit perplexed, by the hero’s antics.

I could choose several: James Bond, Indiana Jones, Robert Langdon…but…

If I could live one Character’s life, I think I would be Dr. John Watson. I was going to answer this prompt by saying I’d be Sherlock Holmes, yet I tend to relate more with his sidekick, and, given the independent detective’s peculiarities, I’d rather not partake in all of his indulgences….I could do without cocaine.

But, with that said, I’d love to watch the man work. Tagging along, puzzling over his arcane antics, would be quite entertaining. And there would always be that moment of revelation, when his enigmatic actions would make sense. I think the best part would be that, while Scotland Yard was bumbling the case, I’d be privy to a keener intellect, and, therefore, learn the true motives of the crime committing culprits.

So, without deep thought, that’s my answer. But, like I said, I do envy others in the fictional realm. So, yeah, there’s a broad selection.

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