Fun Exercise

What’s the most fun way to exercise?

Exercise, as you probably know, benefits both the mind and body. Yet, to many people, it just seems like extra work. And who wants to work during their time off? Believe it or not, I found an exercise that’s both effective and fun: mountain biking.

If you’ve read a certain post of mine, one I’ve written recently, then you already know what I’m about to explain. But, seeing how this topic is today’s prompt, I’m going to fill you in once more.

North of Green Bay, set near the NEW Zoo, lies the Reforestation Camp. There, a series of single and double track trails, varying in difficulty, await any eager mountain biker. Lush forest green and abundant wildlife provide an apt setting for these riders.

Sometimes, while riding these scenic paths, the terrain is rather demanding, and requires, if I were to use mountain bike lingo, a bit of technical skill. The uphills demand effort, and the downhills will tap your adrenaline.

My usual ride is about ten miles long. To a seasoned road cyclist, at least one accustomed to long distances, that may not seem very far. Yet, given the Reforestation Camp’s terrain, it’s more than an adequate workout. And it incites a runner’s high that is heightened by the park’s peaceful surroundings.

To put it simply, this is why I think mountain biking is fun; it’s a combination of challenging obstacles and beautiful scenery. Tricky terrain, arduous hill climbs and pulse pounding descents are not dull and monotonous. That’s exactly the type of exercise my mind craves. And it’s the most fun I’ve ever encountered while exercising.

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