Changes and How They’re Possible

Describe one positive change you have made in your life.

In my life, at least in my early adulthood, I’ve made countless missteps. And now, as I’ve grown older and, hopefully, wiser, I’ve righted that ship. And as I’ve recounted recently, I’ve made some positive changes. One of those corrections happens to be this particular exercise, I’m referring to blogging. However, and it’s both a mental and physical leap, I started the winds of change when I stopped smoking.

It wasn’t easy. Basically, I took a six week plan, one that made use of nicotine gum, and shortened it to a two week weaning period. With a lot of will power, and a vision of better health, I realized my goal.

Since then, I’ve come to realize, bit by bit, that I can change my life…for the better. I’ve also learned that complacency and indifference lead to bad ends. I believe, as I look back on some of my choices, those were the key ingredients to many of my failures. I never realized how not having purpose could do damage.

But there it was, staring me in the face.

“No, man, cigarettes kill people.”

“What? It’s not like you’re going to start with one drag…just inhale, the buzz is killer.

“I’ll ruin my health.

“Chris, it takes years for cigarettes to kill you. This is only a drag.”

I took a drag…and I was hooked. Twenty years later, I finally quit.

The moral? Trust your gut! Do what’s right. Don’t let someone make you feel stupid, especially when your convictions are just! Even now, people with low self esteem, or those driven with malevolent motivations, try to derail me. It’s hard work, but I refuse to let those with evil intentions rule my world. It’s hard. And sometimes, yeah, it’s freakin’ lonely, but, in the end, I know I’ll thank my self. Positive changes can happen any day, in any person’s life. So, keep your head about you, weather the storms and take advantage of calm waters?

Can you tell I’ve been reading Moby Dick? Yeah, with that said, don’t hunt invincible white whales!

Have an excellent night!

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    • Betty, I’m glad you commented. It’s a pleasant when you realize your hard work isn’t ignored. And yes, nicotine addiction is a deceptive beast, but if you stay true, abiding by morals and convictions, you can destroy any demon!

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