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My Favorite Restaurant

What is your favorite restaurant?

In Green Bay, Wisconsin, my city of residence, there are tons of great eateries. Many of these restaurants, unfortunately, are part of national franchises. You know what I mean, Applebees, Olive Garden, McDonald’s…Yet, many other Title Town dining spots are wholly independent. My favorite restaurant, one that exudes a telling historic vibe, is truly a Green Bay original.

The Depot, as this gastropub is now called, resides in an old Chicago and North Western train station. This building, a structure erected near the 20th century’s beginning, has hosted many of history’s iconic celebrities. Being on the National Historic Register, and overlooking the Fox River, The Depot oozes class and lore.

Of course, besides ambiance, there must be great food. And, at the Depot, there certainly is. My favorite is a spicy elk burger with a side of deep fried pickle chips. Oh, and to wash it down, I’ll choose a beer from Title Town Brewing Company, which is right next door.

Lastly, the service is pretty good. For some crazy reason, no matter what we order, the waiter always brings us a bottle of ketchup…and it would be for a chef’s salad. Anyways, the staff is friendly and prompt.

So, that’s my choice. Don’t get me wrong, there are many other spots, ones right inside Title Town’s city limits, that would I love to visit. The west side has an excellent barbecue spot, a few supper clubs spatter the town and a Friday night fish fry is always within reach. However, if you place me in an old building, one with significance, and then hand me a burger and a beer, I’m going to be pretty content.

Have an excellent day!

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