Good Deeds

Describe a positive thing a family member has done for you.

When you think about family, at least in my mind, you think of the folks that molded you. But once we’ve reached adulthood, should that stop? It’s nice to know that these blood relatives, the ones we’re bound to love, and hand selected by God, still care…even if we don’t always see eye to eye.

When it comes to positives, one’s done unto me, there are plenty of family moments to go around. Yet, there’s one coming up, and it may never happen, but it’s been on my mind as of late.

I know, I said this event is upcoming, and the prompt asks for something that was already done….bear with me, the deed is done. It just hasn’t been confirmed, and, considering that only ten percent of all applicants are approved, it may never happen. I don’t care; it’s the thought that counts.

So, I’ve wasted three full paragraphs…and I still haven’t given you an answer. So what positive thing did a family member do for me? Well, my sisters, in an application sent to Yosemite National Park, requested to climb the Half Dome….along with me of course.

It’s a sixteen-mile hike, so, being that I’m aging, it’s now or never. I love to hike, and I love challenging treks. Based on the pictures, this will be daunting. But, heck, I’m in the best shape of my life. So, if I was ever fit for the endeavor, now would be that time.

I know, this prompt was probably aimed towards some life altering deed. A moment that sent the writer down a better path. My sisters’ deed, however, lightens my spirits daily. At the same time, it terrifies me. But it’s good stress, because I know that, if I conquer the Half Dome, I’ll reach a bonus summit of euphoria.

Have an excellent day!

2 responses to “Good Deeds”

  1. Chris!!! What an incredibly awesome undertaking!! A trip of a lifetime and you will all help each other reach the top!! This will be like winning a lottery! 🙏🏻 that your group is selected!! Anxiously awaiting pictures!!!

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    • Thanks for the comment, Alice. And yes, it is actually a lottery of sorts. As for pictures, if it happens, I’m already thinking of shots I want to take.


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