‘The Night She Disappeared’

God Dang!! After reading The Night She Disappeared, I’ll start off with this; and this is a credit to the writer, no other book has incited my primal emotions as well as this novel. Hatred, fear, disgust, anger…I felt those moods surge through me, as if the Character’s lives were my own. Well, I definitely couldn’t relate to John Robertson, and if you can, I really don’t want you reading my blog….I wanted to beat the crap out of him.

This novel is about the abduction of a pizza delivery girl, and it’s told by the two teens who feel most responsible. Their story grips you, and because the missing girl didn’t die, at least she’s alive at first, you’re angered by the police investigation and the reactions of some of the citizens. Will Drew and Gabbie figure out who John Robertson is before it’s too late?

I’m going to use an old cliche; this book is gripping. Like the other April Henry book I’ve read, she throws you in the action very quickly. Yet, you understand her characters right off the bat. The novel is relatively short, and I didn’t want to set it aside.

The ending was satisfying also…that’s all I’ll say. There’s a bit of a teen romance too, and it’s so real, with true life scenarios, that you’re begging both kids to treat each other right.

So, as you can tell, I really liked the book. However, I don’t know if I’ll pick up another April Henry novel soon. At times, when I was pulled away from reading, I was angry. It wasn’t because I couldn’t read at that moment, that happens. It was because some instances, disturbing events which had just occurred in the book, left me slamming things around in my kitchen…I was really that pissed. I know people like John Robertson exist, and crimes like these occur.

So read at your own risk…this isn’t for the faint of heart.

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