Avoiding a Rambling Post

Jot down the first thing that comes to your mind.

Today, this prompt begs no thought…or does it? I mean, I’m supposed to jot down the first thing that comes to my mind, but what’s on my mind? I guess, since I’ve received a comment only minutes ago, and discovered a crazy coincidence, that a friendly interaction is on my mind.

It’s nothing big, I just learned that I’m not the only one, not that I really thought I was, who plays NYT crosswords daily. A blogging friend mentioned it in the comments.

It’s kind of a weird thing, I’m talking about similarities. Where I work, I don’t believe anyone plays crossword puzzles. Yet, and it goes without saying, many people in this world must. The app wouldn’t be available if no one used it.

So, while I believe I’m unique, given my habits and hobbies, there’s actually tons of humans just like me…or at least I would like to believe that. And I’m probably right. Yet, one feels a bit lonesome, especially when surrounded by YouTube watchers, when hunkered down and playing crosswords, or reading a novel.

Yes, there are plenty of coworkers who read books, just not on my shift. So, maybe, unbeknownst to me, a few people do solve those puzzles. I guess that, since I tend to keep to myself, during my lunch hour that is, I’m actually fairly talkative while on the clock, I really wouldn’t know.

Well, I was trying to make this post four hundred words long, but, If I were to continue, man, I’d just be rambling on. And senseless rambling, if it were to have any entertainment value, is just humorous for the wrong reasons.

So, I’ll keep it short, and I’ll avoid needless verbosity. I’ll just say, Laci, thanks for the comment, and I hope Keltin keeps at it!

Have an excellent day!!

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