How I Use Social Media

How do you use social media?

Today’s prompt, which is determining today’s subject, is asking about social media. To be more precise, I’ve been asked how I use social media. And really, even though it’s present everyday of my life, I’m not sure if I know the answer…well, I guess I do.

The first and most obvious answer is this: I’m getting my writing out there. A girlfriend had urged me to do that. I was, I don’t know how to put it, so I’ll use a vague term, I guess I was apprehensive.

I mean, I felt, if anything, it’d make me a target for jokes. I feared that people would read what I write, scratching their heads and asking themselves, “Is this guy crazy?”

You may ask, and it certainly begs the question, “Why would people do that? “ I guess, maybe, I wasn’t fully confident in what I was doing. But, anyways, social media has been a platform for my artistic talents.

Besides that, I use social media when I’m lonely. I just thumb through Twitter and Facebook, making a comment when compelled to do so.

Along with the social aspect, there’s definitely a commercial side. I really don’t buy or sell anything, but, since I’m really curtailing my spending, I might use social media for that also. I’ve used sites like Craig’s List in the past. When you’re strapped for cash, but really need a cheap piece of furniture, it’s an excellent spot to find a deal. I’m not sure if Craig’s List counts as social media, but Facebook has something similar. So, it should.

Needless to say, since I’m pushing fifty, I don’t use Tik Tok, though I think I have downloaded the app. Why? I don’t remember. But as I think about it, I may have been researching a short story. Actually, yeah, that was definitely it. Anyway, the app is a fun means of entertainment for teens.

I guess, while I’m writing this, I’m realizing how social media has transformed society. Okay, that might be slightly overstating my sentiment, but there are many useful outlets available to this modern world. Of course, with the good, there are also pitfalls. But I think people are well aware of those dangers, so one must simply use good judgement.

It’s weird, at least when I think about it, but social media, as it stands right now, is kind of a force. Negative? Positive? I think, with anything, it’s both. It’s really dependent on the user and how they use it.

Have an excellent day!!

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