Mmmm…Turkey Burger!

How do you unwind after a demanding day?

A workday, no matter what a person does, can be demanding. So, as I grind out the final portion of my shift, and dream of relaxing, I look forward to my fun after work routine.

Many people might scoff, and they may say something like, What a trivial thing to look forward to.” And trivial it may be. Yet, despite what others might think, during the last hour of my shift, I’m salivating over a turkey burger. Along with that, I add a small side of fries.

I live by myself, so one pound of turkey, from which I craft three patties, lasts three nights. It’s very economical, I add a ton of fixings and I even toast the buns. So, that burger, with the common rigors of work behind me, let’s me pat myself on the back and celebrate a job well done.

Besides that, I sit down, a non alcoholic drink in my hand, and I read a few pages of a novel. The one I’m reading now is absolutely stellar: a doomed privateer voyage…well, I guess they’re not privateers. They’re part of the English Navy, yet their goal is to plunder a Spanish vessel.

That’s my after work routine, occasionally I’ll throw in another activity. Sometimes, if an original idea comes up during my shift, I’ll write for an hour or so. It helps to alleviate anxiousness when I get fresh ideas on paper…or, in my case, on a computer screen.

On other occasions, if I hadn’t tackled it at work, I’ll conquer a quick, two minute crossword puzzle.

That being said, when the clock closes in on quitting time, I have a thick, savory burger, one topped with cheese, avocado, tomato, onion, jalepeno and mushrooms, on my brain.

Have an excellent day!!

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