What makes you nervous?

In my life, as I stop to think about today’s question, there are plenty of things that make me nervous. So, I’ll select the one that’s on the forefront of my mind. Yes, it’s something I have to confront shortly; I actually should have done it already.

When I was younger, after the doctor had removed my tonsils, I came down with an infection. I was laid up in the hospital for a lengthy period. And every day, I would receive a penicillin shot, right in the rump.

My butt became sore and bruised, so much so, when the nurse brought that long needle, and asked me to turn around, I demanded, “No more shots!!”

She said she wouldn’t give me a shot, but begged me to turn around. I believed her. She stuck the needle in my sore cheek. I smacked her in the mouth…I was six years old.

So, after that hospital stay, I’ve always been wary of needles. After a few incidents, I fear blood draws most. Though any needle, including vaccinations, causes my pulse to tick upward.

Curiously, I find, and I think it stems from that penicillin shot, I feel more at ease watching the needle pierce my skin. It’s kind of an odd thing, because watching someone else receive a prick makes my skin crawl.

But here I am, a grown man, and I’m putting off another blood draw. I should really get it done. The lab results lend so many insights. Do I have high cholesterol? Are my red and white blood cells in check? How are my potassium levels?…I think you get the point.

And now that I’ve jotted this down, my resolve has become stronger. So, maybe, on my day off, I’ll head over to the VA clinic. If I’m to be a responsible adult, one who cares about my health, which I am, I’ll make that short trek.

And as I think about it, It’s crazy that needles intimidate me so. They do; they always will. But eh, I guess it’s good stress. Maybe? After I’m done, I’ll be proud of myself. That’s one more reason to get it done. Okay, I think I’m psyched up for it…bring it on syringe!!

Have an excellent day!

2 responses to “Uggh…Needles!!”

  1. Ohhh boy Chris!!!! I faced that as well today!
    Blood draw for upcoming physical. I became really jiggity about blood draws after I had the boys. Before that I could watch and was fascinated. Not anymore! I was was squirming like crazy and looked the other way…. Ya know what?!?! He was so stinking good at his job that I didn’t even feel a pin prick!!! I certainly complimented him and hope he’s still there next year!!! You can do this!!!

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    • Thanks. I wouldn’t call it an all out phobia, but I certainly hate being pricked. It’s probably not the prick itself, more like the anticipation. Which, I’m compounding by procrastinating.


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