Art That’s Worthy of a Gallery?

When is the last time you took a risk? How did it work out?

This isn’t the photo I submitted. I just think this one’s kind of fun!

Man, today’s prompt is related to yesterday’s. In fact, I think my answer might be the same. And that answer, if you hadn’t read my previous post, was an EV purchase: I think it was a stellar choice. Hmm…what other risks have I taken recently?

I guess that, and it kind of was a risk, because I was definitely filled with apprehension, submitting my photos was a very bold choice. I submitted those works to a gallery, one was actually accepted. So, I guess, maybe I’m a bit of an artist?

And, I guess, that was the true question, and the root of my uneasiness. Was I really qualified to have something on a gallery’s wall? Do I have what it takes to be an artist?

Of course there aren’t tangible requirements, like a degree or certificate. But what about those intangibles, simply the God given attributes? When I look at what god has given me, I’d say mediocre best describes myself…in just about every way.

Anyways, as you can imagine, come the exhibition’s opening, I was stoked to see my photo on the gallery wall. When the ceremony arrived, and I finally spotted my photo after weaving my way through the amicable crowd, it was quite humbling; I felt it didn’t fit in. The art on the walls blew my mind; and then, there was my dinky 8×10.

If you have something accepted by the gallery, you can put a price tag on your work. I kept the price low, yet it hasn’t sold as of yet. But, I really don’t know if I expected it to sell.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of my work, and I think it’s a great photo. Yet…man…there are some incredibly artistic minds in the world. Not only that, they’re pretty dedicated to their craft. So, even if I take a ton of photos, I have quite a bit to learn.

Needless to say, I’ve submitted for the next exhibition. I do hope to be accepted, if not, try, try again. That’s my life.

Have an excellent day!

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