Switching to an EV

Describe a risk you took that you do not regret.

Sometimes, taking a shot, a slight stab in the dark, isn’t a bad Idea. And maybe, due to circumstances, the risk is worth the reward. Recently, I’ve made a decision that has come up roses.

I’ll give you the backstory. It was last summer, and gas was up to five dollars a gallon. Suddenly, being dependent on oil seemed nuts. Of course, my oil independence can only go so far. I can’t afford to install solar panels on my house, nor can I erect a windmill in my backyard. That being said, I could make subtle changes, ones that would benefit the environment and my wallet.

I’m a firm believer in lithium-ion batteries. I have a cordless weed trimmer that’s over ten years old. I store the batteries outdoors, and I have yet to replace them. Consistently, the trimmer has done its job, and the batteries are as strong as day one. So, since electric vehicles run on the same type of battery, I firmly believed they were a gas engine’s alternative.

Yet, when I perused most EV prices, I simply couldn’t afford them. So owning a cost effective vehicle meant having a car with good gas mileage.

Then I discovered an SUV for under thirty thousand dollars, and it was all electric. I was a bit leery of course, I knew no one with an EV. To add to that, I’ve heard some people talk trash about them. So, yeah, purchasing an EV would be a risk.

I ordered one in August, and it arrived in December. I’ll admit, at first, when thinking about my choice, I was a bit apprehensive. I live in Wisconsin, and winters can be tough. I knew there would be times, because my employer had no EV chargers, when my car would sit unplugged in frigid weather. Would that hurt the battery? It’s spring time now, and my range is greater than the factory estimate.

Not only that, I can still go anywhere, and I do like to take road trips. When I check out the chargers across Wisconsin, it seems I have free rein across this state.

Beyond those points, now that I own an EV, I feel that electric motors are superior to gas motors. Electric power plants accelerate faster, plus they have incredible torque.

Lastly, now that it’s springtime, I only charge my car once or twice a week. I plug it in at home, but my utility bill has only increased by thirty dollars a month. Compare that to four tanks of gas a month…yeah, it makes economical sense.

I think I’ve made a great decision. There’s nothing this car can’t do, well, at least when compared to similar gas vehicles. As an added bonus, it’s fun to drive. Yes, during winter, my range was considerably lower, yet it still didn’t hinder my ability to reach my destination. Don’t pay attention to the naysayers. Do what you think is right.

Have an excellent day!!

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