Topics for Discussion

What topics do you like to discuss?

Of course, when socializing, whether at work or public gatherings, one needs topics to discuss. Myself, I’m rather limited, at least I’ve always felt that way. And as I age, my topics for discussion has narrowed.

First and foremost, and it’s been a keen interest my entire life, would be history. In younger years, I most likely didn’t talk about it much. I mean, when you’re young, there’s so much to talk about: movies, music and sports etc. Yet, I was always rapt when given a history lecture. Why? I’m not sure. But, as I’ve aged, I find, sometimes without even realizing it, subjects with historical content pique my interest.

Plus, and I think this is important, it’s impossible to learn every historical tidbit. So, when discussing it with someone, provided the individual is credible, you can always take something from a conversation. History is the story of humans. The more I learn, the more I realize that man’s basic motivations, desires and methods have remained constant. The means of obtaining them, via innovations, whether through government, society or technology, is the only true change. So, it’s always a fun conversation.

Another topic for discussion, it’s a no brainer in Green Bay, Wisconsin, would be sports…particularly Packer football. As you may have heard, our football IQ is fairly high. So striking up a conversation, one about the town’s home team, especially in an unfamiliar watering hole, is a sure fire fail safe.

I used to like political conversations, but they can become heated. Given today’s divide, I’m alluding to the enormous rift dividing Republicans and Democrats, it’s best to save one’s opinions for the voting booth.

Movies and music, well, if you were to be discussing pop culture, I’m hopelessly stuck in the eighties and nineties. Well, not totally. The musical artist The Weekend and Marvel movies do pique my interest. But, as I go through the aging process, I’ve become detached from what’s hip…well, I’ll still read a best seller. But I find, when discussing literature, particularly at work, my book discussions are horribly one sided…and I don’t believe the listener actually cares.

Well, there’s a list of topics I like to discuss. I’m sure if I thought about it enough, other topics would come up, but those are my favorites. And I believe that list can allow me, in some way, shape or form, to be a bit social.

Have an excellent day!

2 responses to “Topics for Discussion”

  1. I heard it once said that “Sports is a great social lubricant.” I agree – especially here in St. Louis. We can talk Cardinal baseball to just about anyone, anywhere! I also like your sentence – and I agree – “… it’s best to save one’s opinions for the voting booth.” Nice post!

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    • Thanks Betty! Yes, being a Baseball fan, I envy the St. Louis mystique. Once, a very long time ago, a team named the Milwaukee Brewers left the city. They became the St. Louis Browns, and now they’re known as the Baltimore Orioles.

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