Emojis…A Fun Topic

What are your favorite emojis?

Man, this question begs for a fun blog entry. Emojis, they’re everywhere. Somebody even capitalized on their likeness, making plush toys of them. But if you were to ask me what my favorite emojis are…man, I’m not really sure.

I guess, first off, because it’s a no brainer, the thumbs up emoji, I’m not talking about the like button, but rather the emoji that looks like a fist with its thumb up, anyways, I use that one from time to time.

You know, this guy…👍. It’s basically all you have to say. Good job, okay, Roger that, it replaces tons of written words.

The poop emoji? Nah, I don’t use it, nor am I going to display it here. At first, I thought it was clever and funny. But with anything that catches on fast, it becomes worn and tired. Plus, when texting, I hardly see a reason to use it. I’m also afraid of offending someone if I were to include it in a message.

If I were flirting, which, now that I look back, seemed a time before recorded history…but, if one were to be critical, they’d point out that I was using language, in text form, so as long as it seems, there’s evidence that I once was romantic. Anyways, the kissing emoji 😘 was a favorite of mine.

I also like the smiley face 😊 ‘nuff said.

Of course, if you’re making a joke, but, and it happens to me often, you’re not sure your sarcasm translates well in a text, the tear filled, laughing emoji 😂 is a safe bet.

I also love the party horn emoji 🎉. It just feels festive, and, because of that, it gets its point across quite well. So, if there’s a reason to celebrate, I choose that one.

I could go on, but obligations beg me from my writing. Wait, is there an emoji that illustrates that? Let me see…🧰. Okay, that was weak; I don’t know if that made sense…let’s add an😔. Anyways, there are a ton of emojis, so much so, it’s kind of sickening🤢.

I’ll close by saying, or should I say writing, this: emojis are a fun way to liven a text. They add inflection and expression to a simple message. That being said, I’m kind of dull, because, when texting, I rarely use them. Nonetheless, this particular post was a fun exercise.

Have an excellent day😃!!

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