The Times I Feel Most Productive

When do you feel most productive?

The question for today’s prompt, as I give it consideration, is a tough one. I try to keep myself productive throughout each day, even if I reserve a few hours to kick back on days off. So, I’ll reflect and give you my best answer.

For starters, I feel productive doing this: writing. I think, even if my audience is scant, that I’m allowing the reader insight into my life. It’s a social endeavor to say the least. But it’s also an incredible exercise, begging organization, reflection, accuracy and accountability. There are probably points I’ve left off, but I think you know what I mean.

I also, of course, feel pretty productive at work. No matter what task confronts me, I’ll challenge myself to do my best. Granted, sometimes I’ll relax…but I realize that’s when mistakes happen. So, I I make a concerted effort to remain attentive and focused.

I also feel productive while exercising. It’s a reassuring feeling, and it’s been a habit for years, to know that I’m maintaining my health. Granted, some illness could befall me, but I’m doing everything possible to avoid debilitating ailments…except sore knees; running tends to aggravate them.

There are other things I do to feel productive…cleaning, cooking, creating, etc. And feeling productive, at least for me, is an incredible emotion. Seeing the fruits of your labor, and knowing you were responsible for the final result, lends that undeniable sense of accomplishment. I guess I’ve overstated the obvious, but that’s precisely how I feel about productivity.

Have an excellent day!!

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