Thinking About Camping

Have you ever been camping?

Today’s question, which requires little thought, causes a sense of anticipation. Camping is definitely on my mind. The snow is stubbornly yielding to green fields, and the temps are inconsistently climbing. Hopefully, soon, the weather will bolster a comfortable camping expedition.

So, as today’s prompt asks, “Have you ever been camping?” the answer to that question is, “I’ve been camping since I was three years old.” At least I believe we camped in Yellow Stone National Park.

The Shipbuilder’s Union, an organization my father belonged to, was on strike, and my dad made good use of his time…we were bound for a family vacation out west. We packed up the car and set off for Wyoming.

Being that I was only a toddler, I remember very little. But I remember seeing Mount Rushmore on the way to Yellowstone. My parents held me up and pointed to the faces, telling me the names of each. I thought it was quite odd. Why did people sculpt faces from a mountain side?

Besides that, my other memories include Old Faithful and, much to my childish delight, an A&W. What kid doesn’t remember a restaurant that serves root beer? And the place was adorned with a giant, cartoon looking, plastic bear.

But back to camping.

Since that adventure, our family endeavored to make many camping trips. Even when we were dairy farmers, and were required to milk our cows twice daily, my parents picked a scenic spot close to home.

Now that I’m older, I still like to camp. Camping is affordable, it lends a sense of adventure and the outdoor atmosphere evokes peaceful moods. So, if circumstances allow, I hope to pitch a tent this summer…at least once or twice.

So, if you ask me, “Chris, have you ever been camping?” My answer will be, “Heck yeah, and if my body allows, I will do it many more times.” When my body doesn’t…well, then it will be time for a Winnebago.

Have an excellent day!!

2 responses to “Thinking About Camping”

    • Very true Betty. I figured a Winnebago, being a very popular camping alternative,would be synonymous with many an RV, or camping shelter. Who knows, later on, for my own adventures, I might also choose a trailer.🙂

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