My Favorite Holiday

What is your favorite holiday? Why is it your favorite?

It seems, at least here in the US, that we celebrate a major holiday monthly…or pretty close to that span. With the many dates set aside by humans, whether to assemble or lend observance, everybody must have a favorite time of year. I know I do.

I think, because it’s filled with traditions, Christmas outshines all other holidays. While the Easter season lasts just as long, there’s a cheerier vibe during that Yule-time stretch.

Plus, Christmas is a time of gift exchanges. That’s always fun. I really don’t expect much, but it’s great to receive a useful present. Usually, I receive socks and a state park sticker along with other odds and ends.

I know, the Christmas season is chaotic for many, lonely for some and stressful for others. Yet, as it was before Victorian times, it’s also a season for the community. Downtown decor, tree lightings and kindle markets bring citizens together. I think unity, no matter how diverse one’s town, city or village happens to be, makes for a happier social climate. And these lighthearted events can do just that.

Better yet, Christmas brings together fairly distant family members. I mean, at parties, I might come across a cousin I haven’t seen in ages. So, while the rest of the family holidays seem to focus on immediate relatives, Christmas, at least in my experiences, reaches out to kin rarely seen.

Lastly, the Christmas traditions appeal to my history loving side. Whether it be English royalty or Thomas Nast, the Victorian trendsetters still influence modern Christmas culture. Now, many generations have practiced rituals, recited lasting tales and made merry, in a very similar fashion.

Not everyone celebrates Christmas, I know. Yet, for me, and the communities I’ve lived in, everybody seemed to be involved in the season’s observance. I’ll always respect those who don’t partake in holiday indulgences, but I will also gleefully interact with those that do.

Have an excellent day!!

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