Ben Franklin’s Wise Old Adage

Do you have a quote you live your life by or think of often?

If you ever peruse Facebook, you’ll discover many quotes. You must know what I mean, along with a fitting picture, you’ll come across insightful sentiments felt by whoever posted the saying. But even before Facebook became popular, many people were fond of reciting iconic words, ones spoken by notable celebs. With all those wise phrases circulating, everyone must have a few they can relate to.

For some reason, when I saw today’s question, “Do you have a quote you live by or think of often?” One overused adage came to mind. And it’s odd, because, I confess, I’m not sure if I’ve always lived by those words. That being said, the sentiment is elemental to modern day survival.

But before I reveal my choice, I’ll say this: money, you can’t live without it. And now, after a few life lessons, I’ve learned the paramount importance of financial stability.

I hear you thinking, “Alright already, what’s the stupid quote?” Okay, enough stalling, It was coined in the eighteenth century, and the words still ring true. “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Those were Ben Franklin’s famous words. Well, okay, that’s not exactly what he had written, but, for some reason, we attribute the sentiment to him. Plus, based on what he penned in his Poor Richard’s Almanac, he certainly possessed that mindset.

And if we were to take that thought further, if we were to refrain from frivolous spending, and, instead, wisely invest that money, then, truly, the statement has a much more literal meaning.

Furthermore, when you’re at the bottom of the food chain, those words make even more sense. In order to not live like a pauper, yet, have financial security, wisely spending your money is mandated.

Heck, even if you have money, smartly managing it is a must. How many celebrities wind up broke? If you ever watch those behind the scenes documentaries, you’ll learn that some do. The phrase, “More money than you’ll ever need…” Well, in my opinion, that’s a fallacy, and, no matter how much money I had accrued, I wouldn’t live by it, because it incites wasteful spending.

….oooh!! Another great adage: ‘A fool and his money are soon parted.’ ‘Nuff said!!

That’s my outlook on money. Like food, water and air, it’s a necessary element of life. Heck, to consume two of those prime essentials, you need cash. So, in my book, you can do with out love, admiration or popularity…money, well, you’re a fool if you say it isn’t important.

So, I guess, when thinking of famous quotes, the ones I’ve noted are ones that have been instilled upon me, even if it took countless lessons to learn. However, I believe those quotes made a lasting impression. Those that spoke those words to me, undoubtedly, were concerned for my well being. I guess quotes do make a difference, because they set personal values that I carry forward to this day.

Have an excellent day!!

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