When and Why I Vote

Do you vote in political elections?

Do I vote in political elections? This is an interesting question, being that I ardently support our democratic system. Whether I do or don’t vote depends on the election; it also depends on how much information I have.

Usually, I make it to the polls during presidential elections. It’s impossible, being that I feel inundated with political ads, to simply ignore those campaigns. Plus, with our media climate, information on those national candidates is unprecedented. Heck, if we were to care, I bet we could google what President Biden eats for breakfast. I actually don’t know if we’d find that info, and I’m not going to Google it to find out, but I think you get the idea.

I’ll also vote during congressional elections. That would be for the same reasons I vote for the president. More potential constituents add up to a larger campaign budget. So, it’s hard to not be emotionally drawn towards the polls. I know, intellect should guide your ballot casting. But, heck, that’s why James Madison installed the Electoral College.

Where I fail, and I have absolutely no excuse, would be when the local seats are up for grabs. When you think about it, those are probably the most important.

If your city needs a facelift, a better transportation system or a better recreational situation, much of that is accomplished on the local, rather than the federal, level. Granted, federal aid might be allotted, but the tough decisions will be made locally. I am one to suggest an idea, or I may sign a petition for something I believe in, but rarely do I vote for an alderman and such. I think I’ll start, because now that I think about it, they can affect every day of my life.

I think voting is important, and I need to practice my democratic right, meaning the right to vote, which is protected by a few amendments, more often. It really does affect my life, and many times, when passing something in the city, I mutter to myself, “Man, they should really do something about that.” Yet, if I do nothing but mutter, my sentiments will never be conveyed. I have the power to change things, albeit very limited power, but I should take advantage of what has been allowed.

Have an excellent day!!

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