Buying Without Blinders

What are your favorite brands and why?

This question is pretty tough. If I were to choose a favorite brand, and I’m talking about anything, I don’t think I could do it. Mainly, I’m a bargain hunter, and I’ll choose a product based on value regardless of branding.

You want examples? Let’s start with cars; I’ve owned a Chevy, Ford and a Chrysler. Oh, you can also throw in a few imports, including a Toyota. If I were to have any biases, based on sentimentality, I’d lean towards a Ford. My mom used to work for a Ford dealership. However, my experiences have destroyed that allegiance; the two Fords I’ve owned were substandard. The Toyota, besides looking like a small box with wheels, was my favorite. Although, my Chevy and my first Chrysler would also be close to the top.

Going further with brands, let’s talk about clothing. Man, I don’t know, I shop at thrift stores. Shoes, sweaters, jeans, you name it, you can find some pretty cool threads for cheap. But, as you might imagine, you can’t simply go in expecting to find a certain something. I basically just pick something I like. Granted, it must serve a rational purpose.

As for furniture, man, I’ll buy from a furniture store, but I’ll shop the clearance section. While your choices might not be huge, generally, you’ll find something that can suit your tastes.

“What about electronics?“ You might ask. I own an iPhone, but my desktop is an HP. For some reason, I’ve accumulated three TV’s…I hardly watch television. But of the idiot boxes I own, I have a Vizio, Samsung and a Sony. The Sony, which is mounted to my living room wall, is linked to a Vizio sound system.

As for appliances, I think they’re GE’s. I only bought them because they were cheap household products.

I could go on, but I think you get the point. I’m not about name brand, I’m about value. That being said, if I come across something inexpensive and durable, and if the pricing remains the same, I’ll revisit the brand. I think that’s what’s great about a free market: competition. And I feel smart buys, rather than blind devotion, will make for a superior marketplace.

Have an excellent day!!

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