Jobs I’d Like to Try

What’s a job you would like to do for just one day?

This question, which makes me think, is a bit tough. There’s tons of jobs I’d like to try: journalist, congressman or mail delivery guy. Heck, any of those are worth a brief dance. But if I had to choose just one, which would bring my childhood chores into comparison with modern day, I’d choose working on a giant dairy farm.

In years past, a few head of cattle, without today’s modern technology, was all the typical family farmer could manage. Thinking back to my younger years, although we had a vacuum system, which would allow us to milk a few dozen cattle, the tech pales compared to this day’s standards.

In this new era, farms are no longer simply family undertakings; they’re big business ventures. On some farms, which would have wowed me in my boyhood, the herd surpasses one thousand cows. Crazier yet, that group of animals is managed by software programs, which tracks info such as a cow’s feed intake and milk produced.

I’ll never be a full time employee on a farm. My allergies, which can cause life threatening ailments, prevents me from doing such a thing. However, I’d withstand those conditions to just check out a modern day farm.

Most of what I’m telling you, and it goes without saying in Wisconsin, was learned by word of mouth. Yet, even if I’ve heard much about these farms, there’s tons I don’t know. It would be awesome to see modern milk producers in action.

Secondly, I’d like to be an adventure travel writer, if only for a short span of time. I might be making a career field up, but, while trekking through the wilds, I’d love to document my journeys. Who knows, after a while, I might miss the comforts of home. Yet, pitching a tent under star packed sky, with a chorus of unidentified animals serenading me towards slumber, would certainly be fun.

All and all, there’s a lot of jobs I’d love to sample. However, in reality, I have a paycheck to earn. So, for now, I can simply dream.

Have an excellent day!!

2 responses to “Jobs I’d Like to Try”

  1. Me personally…I would only buy my milk from small local dairies if I could…its where the heart is…technology can’t replicate that, though it makes their jobs easier, I confess…

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    • Local dairies are great. Unfortunately, due to price and convenience, I still opt for milk at the grocery store. Yet, larger farms provide plenty of jobs, process their milk close to home and, because of community push back, there have no choice but to be friends of the environment.

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