Recalling a High School Musical

What was the last live performance you saw?

I love live performances. No matter how technology has advanced, recordings can’t duplicate the energy of live musicals, plays or concerts. Yet, even if I say that, the last staged event I witnessed, a tale told time and again, happened months ago…early March to be exact.

My niece played Cinderella, and I was excited to watch that particular high school musical. It was definitely worth the 250 mile trek towards my sister’s home. The actors and actresses, who happened to be quite well practiced teen performers, were absolutely stellar. Heck, as I think back to the puppeteers, ones that held plush animals on sticks, even the minor details were fun to witness.

My entire family went to see the show, so it was a blast. And since I stayed the weekend, I actually watched two performances, the second being a bit better than the first.

Now, I know Hamilton is returning to the Appleton PAC. I’d consider going, I love that particular musical. Yet, my financial situation might not allow me to do so. Anyways, my niece’s performance will certainly outshine any other show I attend.

Have an excellent day!

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