Dreaming of Work on Vacation

What is your career plan?

This question, being that I’m nearing fifty, is actually a bit perplexing. At my advanced age, I still aspire to do much. And what I really want to do, what I’m aiming for, is to finish my working years as a writer.

Thinking about all of this, which makes my thoughts seem almost sinful, comes during a California vacation. Careers…Vacation…should I actually be thinking about this?

I’ve actually started to search for jobs. It’s simply a matter of putting together a resume. But, heck, it may not happen. I know I’ve actually honed my skills well for the trade.

Yet, many of the jobs are for content writing. And really, thinking of my skills, I think I’d be selling myself short. My reason for saying that, and I’m not trying to blow my own horn, but my photography skills have improved in recent years.

But, yeah, in short, I’d just like to find a writing job. Hopefully, I could stay at home and work remotely. That’s my plan. Whether it happens, who knows?

Have an excellent day!

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