A Safe Answer

What public figure do you disagree with the most?

This particular question, I’m not really sure how to answer. And because I’m afraid of offending someone, I’m going to opt for a very, very, very safe answer. Even by selecting this person, I’m sure I’ll offend someone. That being stated, I really don’t give a damn.

I’m going to say I disagree with Adolph Hitler. How could you not disagree with that malevolent dude? The discord that man caused can be felt to this day. At least, if I were to say we’re washing away his sins, there are reparations still being made. However, the political erosion has been repaired: Europe is no longer divided.

Yet, the man practically decimated the Jewish population. And that is an atrocity that remains to this day. Granted, there are prominent Jewish community members all over the US, but much talent was stolen from this earth.

But really, when you think about it, while the concentration camps were the paramount misdeed, the fact that he confiscated art, ruined historical structures and destroyed European governments ranks as a very close second.

So, I really don’t think I need to explain myself further. And even if he’s dead, he’s still a figure of tyranny and oppression. I feel I can’t go wrong with that answer.

Have an excellent day!!

6 responses to “A Safe Answer”

  1. Offending someone will happen no matter what, as you’ve already stated. But, if your writing offends someone, they certainly have an ability of NOT being offended by moving on. Plus, you are depriving others of your true thoughts.

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      • I must also add that while his “first mind” of discovery may have been into something in the ways of science/art, the manner of which he provided was pitiful. I wager that the more he did, the more he was praised and so on, until he became so full of himself he wagered himself a god. And it’s unfortunate that this historical tragedy has to occur; however, we still see this type of behavior presenting itself in modern history, do we not? When will we learn?

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