My Definition of Freedom

What does freedom mean to you?

Freedom. I’ve heard that it is nothing but a fallacy. Yet, I’ve also heard that there’s a price to pay for that idea…’freedom isn’t free’. The concept of freedom is rather vague, or is it?

To me, freedom starts with the ability to acquire what I want. If I want to eat chips and dip, there should be no restrictions on that. Or if I want to drive across the country, I have the ability to do that also. And yes, I can do many of the things I want, yet, with many of those exploits, such as mountain biking certain government lands, there are passes required.

That being said, some things, and I’ll give you a few examples, are dangerous to consume or own. I see nothing wrong with background checks on guns, or restrictions on how much medicine I can purchase. For the protection of others, and ourselves, these safeguards should be put in place.

But is that freedom? Is government’s place a parental role or is it simply a protective service. I believe we need government, but I’m also for a small government. When we can do what we want, when we want and how we want, government can’t inhibit one’s aspirations.

And I’ll close by saying this: becoming who you want to be is the largest freedom. Working, living and acting how you see fit speaks of your own tastes and passions. It makes us individuals and makes the world interesting. So, I guess having choices means freedom.

Have an excellent day!!

2 responses to “My Definition of Freedom”

  1. “Having choices means freedom,” only when willing to work for it. Simply choosing doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get it, does it? Choosing only means you’ve selected it, not owned it. So yes, giving another a choice of freedom also grants you a freedom—a tit for a tat, they used to say. And nothing is free. Even a gulp of air requires the work of your lungs. 😉

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    • Thanks for the comment MJ. And I am certainly willing to work for anything I want. I don’t pretend to own anything I didn’t attain either.


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