Being a Contributor, Not an Obstacle

What’s one small improvement you can make in your life?

When I look at myself, there are a ton of improvements I need to make. Yet, one of my misgivings has become a total frustration…at least to myself. And even if it may sound impossible to correct, especially at fifty years old, I believe I can make the adjustment.

I’d like to think things through a little more, especially during conversations. Heck, even when doing daily chores, or toiling away at my job, that act will work wonders. I think it’s imperative that I work on it.

I’ve heard it said, and, for the most part, it’s the truth: thinking sets us apart from the animals. Believe it or not, when putting focus and thought into your activities, everybody benefits from one’s mindfulness. So, while it may sound selfish, it’s not; it’s simply using your brain to contribute to the community. Really, I need to do that.

Lately, I’ve said things, things I knew were not wholly factual, and have regretted making those statements. Misinformation is a root of evil, and I don’t want to be the conductor of such malevolence. Many ill-fated endeavors occur when careless words spur others into ignorant actions. And I don’t want to rally the misguided. That’s for sure.

So working on mindfulness, and not plowing through the world on autopilot, is a huge undertaking of mine. With my routine filled day, it’s going to be a huge monster to tackle. Yet, I must, and I can, accomplish this important goal.

Have an excellent day!!

2 responses to “Being a Contributor, Not an Obstacle”

  1. Here, here! What truly struck out for me? (Since you’ve asked.)

    “Misinformation is a root of evil, and I don’t want to be the conductor of such malevolence.”

    Yeah, yeah, you didn’t ask. Still, your words often times cut to the quick.

    Tonight I had a discussion with my 16-year-old about “communication.” It’s my belief that prime are so often busy taking that the communication gets overlooked. I know that you know what I mean by this statement.

    Everyone is so busy making sure their words get out, thinking it means they’re heard, that they seldom consider if anyone’s actually listening to them. But rather than stopping to listen and determine if they’ve been heard, they reiterate. This is why the world has grown so noisy, isn’t it?

    This statement, “Misinformation is a root of evil, and I don’t want to be the conductor of such malevolence,” is not at all a conductor. Conductors don’t typically receive signals as much as they send them. When you set yourself up for mindfulness, you are already halfway there.



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