Tooling Through the Streets of San Francisco

It’s been quite some time, and it’s due to certain circumstances, anyways, I haven’t been able to create an actual travel related post….at least for a long while. But this bit of writing needs to be accomplished. The reason? It’s quite simple; I traveled to an iconic metropolis; most everybody knows it as ‘The City by the Bay’. And since I’ve heard so much about San Francisco, checking out this town was a no brainer.

In this very hilly city,

wait, did I mention hilly?

Anyways, in this ultimate Western boom town, there’s tons of things to do. You could hang at a historic bar,

where the drinks are iconic,

and that Irish coffee can easily warm the hearts of patrons…

if they’re able to choke it down.

Alright, hold up a second, I became so excited, I really didn’t give this post a proper intro. Anyways, as you might be able to tell, I’m not going to give you a list of ‘must see’ attractions. Instead, I’m just going to document our experience.

My sister and brother-in-law accompanied me on this journey. A stellar memory was riding a cable car,

which Laurie and Norm didn’t have to push me to do,

actually the opportunity was music to my ears.

We found Nob Hill and these strange trees that lined the walks.

We also stumbled upon the zany Lombard Street.

After that, we hung close to the bay.

There, taking in the cool air, we went ape over the basking sea lions,

while the ominous Alcatraz loomed in the distance.

Fisherman’s wharf, which is the tourist hub where those blubbery, amphibious animals are found, was lined with activities, shops and eateries.

We didn’t eat there. A cheaper alternative, featuring abundant and affordable seafood,

was my almost accidental choice.

Yep, after a long flight, this food truck was exactly what I needed.

Besides that, we walked the Marina District

and Presidio Park.

In that relaxed setting, I chilled with a latte,

took in the regal grounds of the ‘Palace of Fine Arts‘,

and meandered Golden Gate Park.

You may notice the Fort Mason sign, the historic place, albeit this installation’s continuous service spanned over 100 years, can trace its roots to the Civil War. Today it’s part of the Golden Gate National Recreational Area.

I mentioned the Palace of Fine Arts. It was originally constructed in 1915, but it was completely rebuilt beginning in 1964.

Its original purpose, as you’re probably wondering why such a structure was erected, was to house art for the Panama-Pacific International Exhibit.

Finally, in preparation for my cousin’s wedding, my other sister, Shannon…and my brother-in-law, Shannon, (yep, Shannon and Shannon) met me, Laurie and Norm at the airport.

Then, like the end of the tunnel…

a beacon that got ever closer…

Wait…hey everyone, turn around.

There ya go!

I don’t think I have to tell you what this is.

However, and unfortunately, it was our last stop in San Francisco.

And as we bounded over the Golden Gate Bridge, heading towards Alan and Sena’s wedding, I took a mental inventory of all my belongings, wondering if I left anything behind….


Yeah, I know, I’m going to say it anyways. As I write these final words, I discovered…I left my heart in San Fransisco.

Safe Travels!

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