Are you a leader or a follower?

I receive today’s prompt, as I take time to think about it, rather ambiguously, or maybe it’s my response that’s ambiguous. I think I am both a leader and a follower. In all honesty, I believe that’s what’s expected from me.

A leader? Yes, I’m in contact with many people much younger than me. If they ask for advice, I only provide info that’s self proven. I’m not out to be a sage, but I do know the desperation a young adult feels when determining a course of action. By being a role model, practicing diligence, integrity and patience, I hope my actions back up my words.

As for a follower, even the most rebellious individual must adhere to something, even if it happens to be their own ethos. Yes, everybody, and I do mean everybody, no matter how much power is given, has superiors.

“What about the president of the United States?” You may ask. Well, he answers to the domestic and foreign populous. His actions are either condoned or disapproved by society as a whole. While one man can’t unseat him, an unpopular gaff just might.

So, when asked if I’m a leader or a follower, I follow when I feel it’s necessary, but I lead when it’s expected. So, yeah, final verdict, in a round about way, I’m a follower of societal norms.

Have an excellent day!!

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