Tough Question…

What’s the oldest things you’re wearing today?

When asked what the oldest thing I’m wearing, and I’m taking that to mean an article of clothing, the question comes across as rather puzzling. Don’t get me wrong, the question is clear as glass….or maybe not. Okay, now you’re perplexed, because the question is so damn simple, and my lack of confidence has you baffled. “How would you not know that?” You wonder. I’ll explain my quandary.

My socks, which, as I glance over at my propped up feet, have holes in them. Yet, they’re just about a year old. What can I say? I like to make things last, but I shop the dollar store.

I’d like to say my shirt is the oldest thing I have on. I bought it at a Sam’s Club for ten bucks, that was two years ago…

But hold on…

The jeans I’m wearing, well, I stumbled upon them at a Goodwill. Originally, I was searching for work pants. My old blue jeans had holes in them, and that looks horribly unprofessional, So, I thought to myself, “I’ll check out the thrift stores.“

Now, I don’t really care what covers my butt, provided it does just that. Yes, all I was looking for was a snug fitting, clean pair of pants. What took me by surprise, and maybe it shouldn’t have, was that I found name brand jeans for six bucks.

Okay, I said I don’t care what I wear…but these were really, really nice. And since they looked good, I reasoned that they’d be my going out pants. The jeans I had used for nights on the town, a couple adequate pair of Lee’s, would be relegated to my job going attire.

And actually, I happened upon two pair of American Eagle jeans, and some RSQ’s. Right now I’m wearing the RSQ’s. How old are they? I have no Idea, but they’re comfortable and look fairly new. I don’t think the previous owner ever wore them.

So that’s my answer…probably my jeans.

And if not, it’s my shirt. If you went by time of purchase, it’d be my novelty tourist tee, which boasts Wisconsin. I know, cheesy…but eh, my clothes perform their task well.

Have an excellent day!!

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