Diligent Balance

How do you balance work and home life?

I have to admit, when reading today’s question, balancing home and work life is an easy task. My house, a small, single-wide mobile home, has only one occupant. That would be me. So, being that I tend to myself only, the obligation is quite simple.

Don’t get me wrong, I take care of my house. I also challenge myself to improve my quality of life. That means I focus on cleanliness, my home’s appearance and, as it’s become a recent goal, energy conservation. I find, if I do that, I can save more money, and that’s important.

I only work forty hours a week. So, aside from writing and reading, my mind is on family, meaning my sisters, cousins and parents, but I’m also thinking of new ways to improve my abode. Lowering my energy costs, cutting my living expenditures and improving the quality of what I purchase are all things I think about.

Yet, lately, as I’ve learned through meditation, visualization helps. So, in my preparation for the workday, I take some time to foresee my actions at work. Using visualization skills, I anticipate the problems that might confront me at work. Will it make my day perfect? No, but I am a better performer because of that.

And I find that is a huge balancing act, because, if I’m alert and responsible at work, I won’t come home lamenting my choices after my shift is over. If I’m happy with my performance, I sleep better. If I sleep better, I wake up fresh, and I’m ready to take on my household tasks.

So, as I wrap this up, I think about alleviating needless burdens. It’s a constant battle of finding alternatives and diligently fighting for better. Thoughtfulness, hard work and dedication is a must. Indifference invites evil, in many forms. Determination reaches better ends.

Have an excellent day!!

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